Why You Should Be Using Piano Adventures Sightreading Books


Do you have a student that could use a little more help during the week? Do you have a student that struggles with seeing the pattern or direction of the notes? Do you have a student that has difficulty processing all the signs, notes, and symbols of the music?

Piano Adventures Sightreading Books are the answer!

  • These books go right along with the lesson book.
  • It takes the lesson book song and breaks it down into 5 daily reading exercises.
  • It has a fun activity to do each day – students draw right on the music.
Sample Page – Piano Adventures Sightreading Book Level 1


These books have seriously made my job SO MUCH EASIER when it comes to those students that just need a little boost.

I had one little guy that really struggled connecting the dots with what was on the page with what he was supposed to do on the piano.  Do you ever wonder what they see when the are looking at the music? Within a few lessons he had several “ah-ha” moments and he is now READING MUSIC LIKE A CHAMP!

Seriously, pick one of your students that is struggling and give it a try. I usually have the student practice the sight reading book before the lesson book.

Did this work for you? Let me hear about it.





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