A Great Way to Learn ALL the LDS Hymns

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The LDS Hymns are an awesome way to build your piano skills. However, it can be slightly overwhelming to know where to start. The LDS hymn book has a wide range of levels. So let me make it easy for you!

“Need to keep your musical teenager motivated over the summer? This is a great idea to keep them progressing!”


A great way to learn the hymns:

Step # 1 – Print out the 25 Hymn Practice Chart. {CLICK HERE}

Step # 2 – Check out this list of LDS Hymns in order of difficulty. {CLICK HERE}

I found this list on a blog called LDS Gospel Doctrine Plus. The hymns are graded here by difficulty. It is very well done. I have used this list A LOT!! It is worth looking at.

Step # 3 – Mark Your 25 Hymns

My daughter is an INTERMEDIATE Level. So for her I marked:

  • GREEN for sight-readable hymns,
  • ORANGE for hymns on her level,
  • and PINK for difficult hymns.

Step # 4 – Choose Your Reward

You can award by each hymn learned or when ALL 25 hymns are complete.

I had several parents who awarded a phone when their child finished 25 hymns – HOW COOL IS THAT!

For my daughter, she gets paid for each hymn she learns. $3 for GREEN, $5 for ORANGE, and $7 for PINK.

Tell me what you think! I’d love to hear from you. askpianogalval@gmail.com


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